"Creating inspirational images on paper, panels or whatever,  drives me.  It sets me free - temporarily - until I do it again." - The  Cosmic Doodler

Born in Kobe, Japan to Argentine diplomatic parents, my  brother and I had the chance to travel the world with very intelligent  and creative parents.  I spent the majority of my life in New Orleans  after leaving Buenos Aires when I was 7 years old.  Since 2006, I've  been living in Western North Carolina. As far back as I can remember, I was creating images that  flow through me with an energy all their own.  It is only after my  creations are on a surface that I realize the "why" and the energy that  has materialized.  It's very enlightening to create something and then  come to realize it. 

"My family, my travels, my insights, my triumphs, tragedies, and failings:  my total being is in these creations."

Artistic Inspirations

My Family

My great grandfather, Alfredo Olivari, built over 40 prominent buildings as an architect in Buenos Aires. 

My Spirit

I have been regarded as one of Tulane's University's most highly spirited athletes ever. 

My Resourcefullness

I've been a successful importer of fine wood products as well as an accomplished surplus/salvage dealer for the past 30 years. 

My Adventurous Nature

I've traveled extensively throughout the world and experienced so many wonderful experiences.  I'm always amazed. 

My Curiosity

I'm a larger scale collector of many beautiful items. 

My Love of Nature and Wood

I have found great peace and joy in the remote areas of South America, the Amazon, the wildlife with all its surrounding beauty.    

Mark's Mother

"Susi" passed away in 2014.  She constantly encouraged  Mark to pursue art more seriously and continues to inspire Mark's  artwork today.  This photo of Susi was taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina  in 1935. Mark currently lives with his wife Susan (an  accomplished oil painter) and their young daughter Isabella in Saluda,  NC.  Susan runs The Art House in East Flat Rock, NC while Mark runs Scroungers Paradise in Asheville, NC.  Isabella, runs them both! 

"All of this and more keeps me attentive to  what I create and how I create it.  I recently came to the conclusion  that Cymatics has greatly influenced my work through differenct  frequencies of sound.  It's unique and I humbly and gladly pass a piece  of all of this to you if you so choose.  Enjoy your journey through the  Olivari creations and be caught up in the beauty we see everyday."